Winston-Salem Jaycees

The Winston-Salem, NC area's organization of choice for adults 21-40 to develop personal, business and leadership skills through community service and organizational involvement.

I'm a Winston-Salem Jaycee because:

Michael Turner

I'm a Jaycee because I enjoy seeing the growth of fellow Jaycees while having a positive impact on the community.

Michael Turner, 2021/2022 Chapter President

Winston-Salem Jaycees Past Presidents, Senators, Cardinal Corp & Ambassadors

Past Presidents

The Winston-Salem Jaycees is the 2nd oldest Jaycee chapter in NC. It was founded in 1929 and has had the privilege of having many great leaders throughout the years.

Charles Norfleet
J. Harold McKeithen
G. Curtis Smithdeal
Brantley C. Booe
George Lee Irvin
Hanselle L. Hester
T. Spruill Thornton
C. Odell Sapp
K. G. Phillips
George Lentz
Edward S. Heefner
Joseph Carlton
Grady Conrad
George Chandler
R.D. Shank Warwick
Reg Marshall
P. B. Railford
Sam Dorsett
Len Leonard
Wally Dunham
Reid Staton
George Morgan
Calvin Holder
Luther Hodges
Wes Hatfield
Charlie Linville
John Googe
A.L. “Dude” Newsom Jr.
Bruce Levin
Jim Fain
Ernie Minor
J. T. Greene Jr.
Porter Gray
John Bremer
Ralph Kegarise
Bob Vaughan
James D. White
James Smith
Dewey Chapple Jr.
John Shields
J. David Blankenbeckler
Richard Chapple
Norman Nifong
Dwight Evans
Zeb E. Barnhardt
Gene Myers
Dave Roberts
Clayton Lovell
Chuck Alexander
Maxey Sanderson
Rod Hatcher
Steve Pardue
Cliff Pranke
Robert D. Hinshaw
Brad Gray
Gordon Miller
Maurice “Mossy” White
Connie Thompson Miller
T. Wesley Googe
Tim Bryan
David W. Googe
Garry Whitaker
Linda Alexander
Ray Surratt
Milton Kern
Dennis Breeden
Sharon Woodard
Lisa Jerdon
Jennifer Gibbs Hanes
Jim Young
Lori Mercer
Denise Gold
Beverly Shore Dinkins
Steve Eller
Tracie Moreau
Angie Ferree Crabtree
Derrick Webb
Renee Shipko
Michelle Walsh
Ben Marsh
Carmen Miller
Suzanne Ferguson
Stephanie Murphy
Katherine Taylor
Kimberly Hunter Granger
Scott Underwood
Amy Zambor
Caitlin Weaver
Sara E. Butner
Maria Burke Talbert
Shay Wilson
Yvette Spears
Michael Turner
Michael Turner (2nd year)

Auxiliary Organizations – Senate, Cardinal Corp and Ambassador:

The Auxiliary Organizations of the North Carolina Junior Chamber work to support the organization, its mission, and its members.

Each is generally made up of veteran current and former Jaycees who have a great deal of experience in the organization and have proven themselves to be exceptional leaders. Each auxiliary organization focuses on one or two key areas and each sets it own tone and direction.

While separate from the main Jaycee organization, the auxiliary organizations run in tandem with the Jaycees and Jaycee membership is a prerequisite for involvement. The auxiliary organizations provide support and assistance to the International, National, State, and local Jaycee organizations. Their counsel is often invaluable and support is gratefully appreciated.

The individuals noted below were nominated by the Winston-Salem Jaycees for memberships within the organizations.

Senators – Jaycees who have contributed to the success of the Winston-Salem Jaycees have been recognized with a Jaycee International Senatorship in conjunction with the NC JCI Senate.

“JCI Senator is the highest honor bestowed by JCI upon a current or past member for his or her contributions to the Junior Chamber. A JCI Senator is a life member of JCI.”

Chuck Alexander
Linda Alexander #51063
Leigh Cameron-Atkins #67963
Terry Bennett #44805
Micki Bryan #54315
Tim Bryan #46306
Richard Chapple #15235
Kim Cook #18571
Drake Crosland #64532
Carter Crump
Beverly Shore Dinkins #66120
Wilford Dowe #2532
Steve Eller #65073
Angie Ferree Crabtree #67103
Jennifer Gibbs Hanes #61871
David Googe #49861
Brad Gray #44110
Karen Haun #53783
Robin Hinshaw
Lisa Jerdon #59380
Joe Jerdon #64533
Mona Jones #58373
Milton Kern #55530
Tracie Moreau #67102
Renee Shipko #68691
Gary Tash
Robert Vigil #41136
Jim Young #61872
Michelle Walsh #67887
Derrick Webb #68690
Mossy White #41299
Carmen Miller #70382
Suzanne Ferguson #72170
Stephanie Murphy #72171
Monica Morgan #74046
Sharon Reiss #74082
Mitzi Mclean #74883
Katie Taylor #74884
Kevin Matthies #75942
Amy Zambor #77665
Maria Talbert #78685

Cardinal Corps – The Corps affords an opportunity to recognize individuals who have displayed a record of outstanding service and involvement in the NC Jaycees. The Cardinal Corps is an honorary award sponsored by the NC Jaycees. A recipient must be a present or past member of the NC Jaycees for a minimum of 3 years. Click here for more information on the NCJC Cardinal Corps.

Terry Bennett
Mossy White
Brian Walsh
Troy Wilson
Beth Wilson
Jessica Nash Wallace
Karen Haun
Mona Jones
Milton Kern
Denise Gold
Linda Alexander
Scott Alexander
Jill Alexander
Jim Young
Kevin Matthies

Ambassadors – Since 1976, Junior Chamber chapters in every state have recognized their finest members by presenting them with the prestigious Ambassador honor. This life-long honor recognizes those who have served The United States Junior Chamber and their community with highest distinction and greatest contribution. Thank that special individual for their outstanding service, involvement, and commitment by nominating them as an Ambassador – the highest honor bestowed on a Jaycee in the United States. A recipient must be a present or past member of the NC Jaycees for a minimum of 4 years. Click here for more information on the Ambassador Honor Program Application.

Milton Kern
Terry Bennett
Steve Eller Mossy White

Triple Crown – An individual who has been awarded a Senatorship, Cardinal Corp and Ambassadorship is considered a “Triple Crown” within the Jaycees.

Milton Kern Terry Bennett Mossy White