Winston-Salem Jaycees

The Winston-Salem, NC area's organization of choice for adults 21-40 to develop personal, business and leadership skills through community service and organizational involvement.

I'm a Winston-Salem Jaycee because:

Michael Turner

I'm a Jaycee because I enjoy seeing the growth of fellow Jaycees while having a positive impact on the community.

Michael Turner, 2021/2022 Chapter President

Chapter Achievements – 2012 Mid Year

 *** Click here to see how we did at the 2012 Year-End convention (in Feb 2013). ***


Being a well rounded Jaycee isn’t about getting awards – but being recognized is amazing!

(Click here for a “Jaycee Lingo PDF” with descriptions of some of the awards below – will open in a new page)

2012 NC Mid Year Convention (July 27-29, 2012)

At Mid-Year Convention our chapter was recognized with state and national level awards!  BIG thanks to our 76th North Carolina Jaycees President, Jennifer Salmon, who attended our August General Membership Meeting to help present them!

Congratulations to everyone and thank you to every single member for huge contributions to our success!  Together we’re making a big impact in our community.

Our chapter placed 1st in Parade of Excellence for 1st Semester (formerly know as “Parade of Chapters”). For those who missed the meeting, here’s how we did!

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National Awards

  • Clarence H. Howard Memorial Award – presented to the Winston-Salem Jaycees
  • National Area of Opportunity Winner, 3rd place in the Community Area – presented to the Winston-Salem Jaycees
  • Seiji Horiuchi Memorial Award for Outstanding Program Manager – presented to Mizti McLean
  • Dennis Hamilton Memorial Award for Outstanding State Vice President – presented to Carmen Miller
  • Outstanding National Project Winner, 1st Place for Fun on the Farm – chaired by Monica Morgan

Individual Awards

  • Jaycee of the Year – Carmen Miller
  • All Star Director – Sharon Reiss
  • All Star Secretary – Kathleen Maloney


Competition Winners

  • Jaycee Jeopardy – Kathleen Maloney
  • Write-Up – Rick Babusiak
  • C. William Brownfield Memorial Award Finalist – Ashlea Morrison
  • John H. Armbruster Memorial Award Finalist – Stephanie Murphy

Project Awards

  • 2nd Place in Division 6 & 1st Place in the State for Chapter Ways & Means Fundraising – NC Wine Festival:  chaired by Rebekah Beal and Kristina Harding
  • 2nd Place in Division 6 & 2nd Place in the State for Community & Charity Fundraising – Mothers Memorial Brunch: chaired by Sterling Bollinger
  • 2nd Place in Division 6 and 1st Place in Divisions 5-7 for Youth Activities – HOBY NC West:  chaired by Carmen Miller
  • 1st Place in Division 6 and 1st Place in the State for Individual Development – Resume Review: chaired by Marilyn Adams
  • 1st Place in Division 6 and 2nd Place in the State for Individual Development – Luck of the Irish Bartending Class: chaired by Kathleen Maloney
  • 1st Place in Division 6 and 1st Place in the State for Membership Recruitment – 2012 Kickoff Party: 1960s Moon Landing: chaired by Sterling Bollinger
  • 1st Place in Division 6 and 1st Place in the State for Community Development – Outstanding Young Leaders: chaired by Ashlea Morrison


HOBY Awards!

In June, we successfully completed another year of HOBY. This was the second “official” year running this project as a WSJC project but a 3rd “unofficial” year. In this 3-Day seminar, 102 Ambassadors from the western part of NC learned about their personal leadership skills, how to lead within a group, and how to lead within their communities.

Each year awards are presented at HOBY Training Institute in Houston, Texas.  2011 NC Jaycees President and 2013 National Vice President Troy Powell and I traveled to HOBY TI this year and had the privilege of attending trainings and receiving awards on behalf of our 2012 HOBY NC West team!  Awards are given to Leadership Seminar Chairs, Recruitment Directors, and Corporate Board Presidents from all over the country.  The following awards were presented:

  • Superior Corporate Board President Award: presented to Steve Eller
  • Recruitment Director Award: presented to Renee Shipko
  • Outstanding Leadership Seminar Chair Award: presented to Carmen Miller


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