Winston-Salem Jaycees

The Winston-Salem, NC area's organization of choice for adults 21-40 to develop personal, business and leadership skills through community service and organizational involvement.

I'm a Winston-Salem Jaycee because:

Michael Turner

I'm a Jaycee because I enjoy seeing the growth of fellow Jaycees while having a positive impact on the community.

Michael Turner, 2021/2022 Chapter President

Chapter Achievements – 2017 Mid Year

Being a well rounded Jaycee isn’t about getting awards – but being recognized is amazing!

(Click here for a “Jaycee Lingo PDF” with descriptions of some of the awards below – will open in a new page)

2017 NC Mid Year Convention (Aug 11 – 13, 2017)

Congratulations to everyone and thank you to every single member for huge contributions to our success!  Together we’re making a big impact in our community.

Our chapter placed 2nd place in Parade of Excellence for 1st Semester This means we are working hard and succeeding in providing well rounded programming for our chapter!  For those who missed the convention, here’s how we did!

[flickr id=”36562278026″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”” align=”center”]

(see bottom of page for more photos from convention)

State Awards

  • 1st Semester: 2nd place in Parade of Chapters – Winston-Salem Jaycees

Individual Awards

  • All Star Local Director – Brittani Swinford
  • All Star Chairman of the Board  – Caitlin Weaver
  • Helping Hands Award Nominee – Mary Charlotte Hinkle (Salute)
  • Jaycee of the Semester Nominee – Adrianna Cobb
  • First Timers Award – Jennifer Cassels

Project Awards

  • Local and Economic Development – 1st Place: Christmas Cheer – Winston-Salem Jaycees
  • Local and Economic Development – 2nd Place: Winston-Salem Holiday Parade – Winston-Salem Jaycees
  • Local Personal Skills Development – 1st Place: Goal Setting for the New Year – Winston-Salem Jaycees
  • Local Personal Skills Development – 2nd Place: Bartending 101 – Winston-Salem Jaycees
  • Local Community Empowerment – 1st Place: Valentines for Ronald McDonald House – Winston-Salem Jaycees
  • Inter-Organizational Coordination Program – 1st Place: Chili Cook-Off for Lake Waccamaw Boys and Girl’s Home – Winston-Salem Jaycees


Click here to see how we did at the 2016 Year End convention (Feb 2017).

More pictures from the 2017 Mid Year Convention:

[flickrset id=”72157687415844256″ thumbnail=”thumbnail” photos=”” overlay=”true” size=”large”]

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