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The Winston-Salem, NC area's organization of choice for adults 21-40 to develop personal, business and leadership skills through community service and organizational involvement.

I'm a Winston-Salem Jaycee because:

Nick Means

I'm a Winston Salem Jaycee, because it allows me to expand my network as well as develop myself professionally through fundraisers, philanthropic events and various social functions.

Nick Means, General Member

Chapter Achievements

Being a well rounded Jaycee isn’t about getting awards – but being recognized is amazing!

(Click here for a “Jaycee Lingo PDF” with descriptions of some of the awards below – will open in a new page)

2017 NC Year End Convention (Jan 26 – 28, 2018)

Congratulations to everyone and thank you to every single member for huge contributions to our success!  Together we’re making a big impact in our community.

Our chapter placed 1st place in Parade of Excellence for 2nd Semester and 2nd place for Year End.  This means we are working hard and succeeding in providing well rounded programming for our chapter!  For those who missed the convention, here’s how we did!

State Awards

  • 2nd Semester: 3rd place in Parade of Chapters – Winston-Salem Jaycees
  • Year End: 3rd place in Parade of Chapters – Winston-Salem Jaycees

Individual Awards

  • 2nd Semester: Individual Competitions – Open Speak UP – Shay Wilson
  • 2nd Semester: Jaycee of the Semester – Jennifer Cassels
  • 2nd Semester: All Star COB – Amy Zambor
  • 2nd Semester: Helping Hands Award Winner – Twin City Hive – Joey Burdette and Terry Miller
  • Year End: All Star Local Director – Kayla Newman
  • Charles Hawkins Award (outstanding local chapter president) – Sara Butner
  • Linn D. Garibaldi Award (outstanding local president – based on annual report) – Sara Butner

Project Awards

  • Local Economic Development
    • 2nd Semester:  1st Place – Camel City Bike Festival  (Chair : Sara Butner)
    • Year End: 1st Place – Camel City Bike Festival  (Chair : Sara Butner)
    • Year End: 2nd Place – Christmas Cheer  (Chairs: Brittani Swinford and Kali Blevins)
  • Local Personal Skills Development
    • 2nd Semester: 1st Place – Gun Shooting and Safety Class  (Chair: Nate Reiss)
    • 2nd Semester: 2nd Place – Karaoke with the Jaycees (Chair: Melissa Brown)
    • Year End: 1st Place – Goal Setting for the New Year (Chair: Kayla Newman)
    • Year End: 2nd Place – Gun Shooting and Safety Class  (Chair: Nate Reiss)
  • Local Community Empowerment
    • 2nd Semester: 2nd Place – Poker Run and Band-Aid for Burn Survivors  (Chair: Renee Parker and Brittani Swinford)
    • Year End: 2nd Place – Valentines for Ronald McDonald House  (Chair: Katelin Walsh)
  • Inter-Organizational Collaboration
    • 2nd Semester: 1st Place – Dine-In for Duke Cancer Support Center  (Chairs: Nate Reiss and Jennifer Cassels)
    • 2nd Semester: 2nd Place – Taps with the Triad Jaycees  (Chair : Sara Butner)
    • Year End: 1st Place – Chili Cook-Off for Lake Waccamaw Boys and Girls Home (Chair: Brittani Swinford)
    • Year End: 2nd Place  – Dine-In for Duke Cancer Support Center   (Chairs: Nate Reiss & Jennifer Cassels)
  • Local Growth and Development
    • 2nd Semester: 1st Place – General Membership Meeting  (Chair : Sara Butner)
    • Year End: 1st Place – General Membership Meeting   (Chair : Sara Butner)

NC Jaycees Priority Project Awards

  • Helping Hands award – Boys & Girl’s Home at Lake Waccamaw – Winston-Salem Jaycees

Area Programming Awards

  • William K. Hobbs Award (Most outstanding individual development programming) – Winston-Salem Jaycees
  • Joanie Cramer International Award (Most outstanding national/international programming) – Winston-Salem Jaycees
  • Henry Giessenbier Memorial Award (Most outstanding programming) – Divisions 5 – 8 (Over 50 members) – Winston-Salem Jaycees
 * Click here to see all the winners across the NC Jaycees.


2017 Local Year End Award Banquet (Feb 11, 2018)

At our Local Year End Awards Banquet we presented our awards received at the NC Year End convention to our membership.  We also awarded some local chapter awards.

  • Outstanding First-Time Project Chair for 2017 – Kali Blevins
  • Outstanding Executive Board Member to – Shay Wilson
  • Outstanding Board Director of the Year – Logan Chidester
  • Outstanding Operations Project of the Year goes to – Salute!, (chaired by Adrianna Cobb)
  • Outstanding Individual Development Project of the Year is awarded to – Gun Safety and Shooting Class, (chaired by Nate Reiss)
  • Outstanding Membership Project of the Year Award goes to – Monday Mugs, (chaired by Adrianna Cobb)
  • Outstanding Community Service Project of the Year – Wake Forest Basketball & Big Brothers Big Sisters (chaired by Gia DiGiacobbe)
  • Outstanding Community Fundraising Project of the Year is – Dine-In for Duke Cancer Center (chaired by Nate Reiss and Jennifer Cassels)
  • Outstanding Project the Year (New Project) – Winery Tour at Old Homeplace Vineyard (chaired by Kayla Newman)
  • Outstanding Project of the Year (Legacy Project) – Christmas Cheer (chaired by Brittani Swinford and Kali Blevins)
  • Associate Member of the Year Award – Kevin Matthies
  • Winston-Salem Jaycees of the Year – Jennifer Cassels and Renee Parker


Click here to see how we did at the 2017 Mid Year convention (Aug 2017).


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